Facebook Promises to Combat Fake News and Foreign Interference in the EU Electionsby Creating ‘War Room’

Combat Fake News

The social media giant is set to launch new security measures to fight fake news and foreign interference in order to protect the integrity of the upcoming European Parliament Elections. Facebook said that it was committed to providing people voice in May’s electoral voting. At the same time, it has promised to ensure that the social media platform will not cause any hindrance in the elections to be conducted fairly.

Anika Geisel, who directs the company’s public policy for elections in Europe, said in a blog post on Monday:

“Learning from every election over the last two years, we have increased our capabilities to take down fake accounts, reduce false news, increase ads transparency, disrupt bad actors and support an informed and engaged electorate.”

These pledges came during the increased pressure on social media network by public and regulators. It was last year when the news was revealed about the Cambridge Analytica, a British consultancy who had unfairly obtained data on millions of US users to carry out election advertising.

For this purpose, Facebook aims to create a ‘war room’ to tackle political misinformation in the run-up to the May’s EU elections. Facebook’s Incoming Communication Chief, Nick Clegg has informed that the war room would be an ‘operations-centre focused on elections integrity, based in Dublin this spring’. Besides, the company will build the center on the basis of its previous experience that it gained in operating the ‘elections war room’ in the US during the US midterm and Brazilian Presidential Elections.

Clegg said in his first speech:

“This approach will help boost our rapid response efforts to fight misinformation, bringing together dozens of experts from across the company – including from our threat intelligence, data science, engineering, research, community operations, and legal teams.”

“They will work closely with the lawmakers, election commissions, other tech companies, academics, and civil society groups to continue the fight against fake news, prevent the spread of voter suppression efforts and further integrate a large number of teams working on these important issues across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.”

Clegg gave a speech to the audience of European policymakers in Brussel where he acknowledged that the company did some mistakes in the past, however, he declared that they are now on the course of improvement.

He further mentioned that the “Brexit drama will soon move to – and possibly culminate in – the place where it arguably belonged all along, in parliament”.


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