Preferred Rewards Gold for UK Travelers

Preferred Rewards Gold for UK Travelers

Credit cards have significantly changed the way how individuals manage financial transactions. They have been designed to serve just as good as cash. A credit card is a form of financial creditability that a credit card company offers to any individual, based on theircredit line report or credit history. An individual’s income earnings and reliability helps determine and qualify them for a certain amount of a credit line.  Since there are many credit card providers, each credit card company have different terms and conditions and each vary in the type of rewards /points that a credit card can help earn through such credit transactions.

Credit cards are widely used by travelers. Travelers know and understand the importance and the benefits that a credit card can provide them throughout their traveling expedition. The United Kingdom has a collection of around 10 different credit cards that are widely used and preferred by the locals. This article provides information on the American ExpressPreferred Rewards Gold that is used and recommended for UK traveler(s) and the benefits that the credit card can provides for an American Express Preferred Rewards Gold credit card holder.

American Express Preferred Rewards Gold


The American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card offers no preset spending limit. There are no interest charges and individuals are required to pay the balance in full each month. The annual fee is £140 with the first year waived. American Express offers a Basic Card as well for those individuals that prefer a card without any rewards, features or any other benefits. The Rewards Gold Card is a “rewards” type, individuals can utilize the credit card to increase rewards or points. Card holders can earn 20,000 bonus rewards points if they card holder is able to spend £2,000 within the first 3 months from the membership activation (90 days)


  • The card allows card holders to transfer earned points to any of the 15 major frequent flyer and hotel programs. Card holders also gets two lounge visits annually to be utilized from any of the 350 airport lounges globally. There is a 10% off on all Hertz base car rental rates and a single car class upgrade, with driver fees waived. Travelers and business professionals alike can gain a $75 credit line for hotel suites with a room upgrade.
  • Travelers can also use the global dining program Taste from American Express Invites to help them find exceptional restaurants and dinning cafes within their destination.
  • With American Express Invites, individuals that are event enthusiasts can gain benefits like reserving/ purchasing tickets including music, theatre and film. Another benefit that the American Express Invites provides is that these major grand event’s tickets are offered to Express Invites card holders before it is offered to the general public.
  • Annual membership fee £140 / (first year waived)

Rewards Point System

The American Express Rewards Gold Card has a reward point functionality that provides additional rewards and savings for Reward Gold Card holders. The points can be used to pay for a bill (at locations that accepts American Express rewards points) or a combination of both credit and rewards can be used to purchase or pay at locations that accepts American Express Preferred Gold Card.  Click here to view all qualifying locations that accepts American Express card holder reward points.

1+ reward point for every £1 spent from the rewards card and 2+ reward points for every £1 spent from an American Express Travel credit card.

Business Owners That Travel Frequently

  • One Membership Rewards point for virtually every £1 spent on your Card
  • Two Membership Rewards points for virtually every £1 spent directly with airlines
  • Two Membership Rewards points for virtually every equivalent £1 spent in a foreign currency
  • Three Membership Rewards points for virtually every £1 spent at
  • 10,000 Membership Rewards per £15,000 within the 12 month period of the membership
  • That’s worth £50 to spend with our Membership Rewards retail partners

Final Conclusion

Business owners and travelers alike can utilize the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold card to save money and make good use of their purchases through the rewards point system. Individuals that are looking for methods to save money can use the American Express to gain cash backs and rewards.Through the rewards point system, card holders can save money on ticket purchasing, dining in restaurants and secure traveling insurance in case of an emergency or when users face an inconvenience. The American Express provides beneficial backup and cashback reward systems for a low annual operative fee for just £140 annually, with the first year waived.


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