Become An Affiliate With Investment Network

If you are able to promote Investment opportunities please read on…

We welcome working with publishers and affiliates from across the globe. We partner with publishers who have audiences that are receptive to financial/ investment based products and offerings. We focus mainly on:

  • Property Investments
  • Alternative Investments (Gold, Oil, Wine, Art, Energy)
  • Commercial Property
  • Student Property
  • Fixed Income Bonds
  • Care Home Projects
  • Hotel Room projects
  • Forex Trading
  • ISA/ Stocks Shares
  • CryptoCurrency

We favour working with affiliates who have email databases of GDPR compliant opt in users who are happy to receive our clients opportunities. We also work with affiliates that can provide authentic display and sponsored content traffic from their sites/ blog/ newsletter insertions and more.

Working with Investment Network is a simple process and we offer industry leading CPL payouts to our partners for valid leads. You can earn more with us than any other financial offers based affiliate network.

Affiliate Benefits

  • Our platform backend is a full robust affiliate marketing engine.
  • Instantly gain access to high paying investment products to promote¬† through our extensive network.
  • Access high performing email creatives and banners to promote fully automated with your tracking link.
  • We have the lowest rejection or scrub rate ensuring you always get paid for your activtity and leads.

Hundreds of Advertisers on the network

High converting HTML email creatives

Low scrub rate, rejection rate

Excellent CR (click to lead)

Offers that accept global leads

Under 10% invalid data rates

Performance Billing

We’ve adopted the cost-per-lead model which ensures all our advertisers and affiliates are only billed and paid on a strict performance only basis.

This model allows publishers to be paid for valid enquiries.

We pay our affiliates ON TIME, every time. Your success is directly tied to our success and publishers are looked after to ensure a long term working relationship.