Special Place in “Hell” for Brexiteers?

Donald Tust who is positioned as the European Council President, has mentioned of a "special place in hell" for those who agreed to the Brexit-No Deal situation

Donald Tust who is positioned as the European Council President, has mentioned of a “special place in hell” for those who agreed to the Brexit-No Deal situation, regardless if they had a solidified strategies planned ahead of time. Brexit enthusiasts reacted with anger to the comments, accusations made towards Mr. Tusk of arrogance.

The prime minister’s spokesmen mentioned, “We had a robust and a lively referendum campaign in this country. In what was the largest democratic exercise in our history, people voted to leave the EU.” Tusk mentioned that everyone should focus on delivering just that. The Irish politician Mr. Varadkar informs Mr. Tusk “They’ll give you terrible trouble in the British press for that”.

In response Mr. Tusk exchanged a comment and both laughed. Majority of the Brussels officials reacted in retaliation against Mr. Tusts remarks stating that “the Brexiteers’ special place in hell would be for when they are dead and not right now”.

The European Parliament’s chief Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt commented stating “I doubt Lucifer would welcome them, as after what they did to Britain, they would even manage to divide Hell”.

But such out-lashes did not stop there, the retributions continued on Twitter;

The Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage also tweeted alongside “After Brexit, we will be free of unelected, arrogant bullies like you and run our own country. Sounds more like heaven to me”. Commons leader AdreaLeadsom also campaigned for Britain’s exit, stating that “Mr. Tusk should apologize for his disgraceful and spiteful comments. Former Brexit Secretary David Davis was asked regardig Mr. Tusks remarks for the supporters of Brexit, and he replied;

“Perhaps he’ll join us there”.

David Davis added,“When people throw insults around, it says more about them than the people they’re insulting”.

Sammy Wilson who is the Democratic Unionist Party’s Brexit spokesman, said “This devilish Euro maniac is doing his best to keep the UK bound by the chains of EU bureaucracy and control. He further added, “It is Mr. Tusk and his arrogant EU negotiators who have fanned the flames of fear in an attempt to try and overturn the result of the referendum”.

Final Conclusion

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn set out five demands for his side of the party to go for support on a Brexit deal. The request is to be enshrined as objectives in domestic law.
According to a letter to the Prime Minster, Mr. Corbyn wanted the following;

  1. A UK-wide customs union
  2. Close alignment with the single market
  3. “Dynamic alignment” for rights and protections
  4. Clear commitments for participation in EU agencies and funding programmes
  5. Unambiguous agreements on the detail of future security arrangements.

Mr. Corbyn further added that “EU leaders had been clear that changes to the political declaration were possible if a request was made by the UK government”.


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