Tenta Secures Funding From ConsenSys

Tenta Secures Funding From ConsenSys

The digital security network infrastructures have been a rising issue since the brink of crypto-currency technology has emerged. The crypto-currency platform consistently faces cybercriminal hacks from fraudulent anonymous users and reports like the New Zealand hack. Thestolen $1 Billion dollar highlights prove that digital security networks are still vulnerable and penetrable and therefore should be sought to find sufficient methods that can solidify the security networks for crypto-currencies. One of the most recognized contraventions are unsecured browsers. Unsecured browsers are the essentials for cybercriminals to access private information that could provide additional keys and other security bypasses to access a user’s account, crypto-assets and other sensitive information.

Browser developers already taken precautionary measurements and have initiated steps to further improve and solidify browsers and its security networks. Some initiatives like ad-blocking configurations and anti-tracking technologies have been actualized. However, one company aims create new paradigm for safe and private browsing. Through advanced encryption and the support for block-chain protocols, Etherium-CO founder Joseph Lubin, promises an investment fund to be awarded to Tenta for further research and development for securing the digital security network infrastructures.

Tenta platforms are designed to simplify and improve the platforms and the protocols for crypto-currencies. Tenta supports many native DApps and provides users access to blockchain protocols and other relative services.

According to Tenta blog reports, Tenta CEO has made statements that reflects the common milestones and goals that Tenta will be aiming to achieve;

“We are thrilled to secure our first seed round from ConsenSys, a company that shares our values in helping to create a more secure internet that protects data instead of exploiting it,” said Jesse Adams, Tenta CEO. “Our mission to make private and secure browsing fast and ubiquitous received a huge boost with ConsenSys support to expand to other platforms while continuing to innovate great new privacy features.”

The amount is unidentified at the moment, however Tenta blog reports do state that the amount funded by Joseph Lubin will be used to further improve and develop the following areas:

  1. The development of the crypto-currency browser(s) for all major platforms.
  2. VPN network and protocol expansion and cyber capabilities
  3. Enforce and increase the marketing efforts.

Final Conclusion

Crypto-currency and similar digital asset investors and enthusiasts should consider the innovative initiatives that Tenta are currently undergoing. With Tenta visions for a solidified browser, users from around the globe can use the platform to conduct secure transactions, privately browse and involve in other spectrums of the crypto-currency platforms, safely and securely


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