The Basic State Pension UK

The Basic State Pension UK

Pensions have become a wide concern over these past recent years and with the ongoing situation with Brexit, the concerns have only raised. It is exceptionally useful during times of financial downturns, especially if an individual has reached a State Pension age. Nevertheless, common seniors of the United Kingdom region can avail one of the most basic pension systems that UK government provides, which is “The Basic State Pension” or the “New State Pension Programme”.

Basic State Pension United Kingdom

The Basic State Pension of the United Kingdom requires an individual to be born before April 6th, 1951 if it is a male and 1953 if it is a female. The individual that wishes to claim the state pension that was born after the mentioned date, will need to claim the New State Pensions instead. According to the standards of State Pension, in order for interested candidates to get qualified, they must have paid or been credited with the National Insurance Contributions of UK. Currently, the Basic State Pension offers its qualified candidates with total awards of £125.95 on weekly basis.

Furthermore, State Pension structure is designed to increase on annual terms by whichever is the highest of the following:

– Earning – Average percentage growth / Wages
– Prices – Growth Percentage in the UK as measured by the (CPIof UK)

How to Process a Claim (Basic State Pension)

In the United Kingdom, eligible seniors cannot receive the pension funds automatically, it is an action to call, meaning that eligible seniors must claim it to receive the pension. The system allows individuals to claim the pension in 3 methods:

  • Individuals may contact the Pension providers and request by phone, verbally
  • Individuals can visit pension state site/resource and download forum and submit to local pension center
  • Individuals can claim from external regions (State Pension Retire Abroad)

New State Pension United Kingdom

According to the New State Pension policy and eligibility criteria, individuals can claim a state pension in the following conditions:

  • Male born on or after April 6th, 1951.
  • Female born on or after April 6th, 1953.

If individuals reach the “State Pension age” before April 6th, 2016 or have attained the State Pension age already, shall reflect protocols from basic rules instead.

State Pension Age

A State Pension Age is dependent on a few factors which help determine if a common citizen of the United Kingdom region has reached a state pension age.

Currently, the State Pension age for men is 65. For women, the statistics are increasing for women. The age factor can range from 60-65, however, the best factor that helps determine State Pension age is the date of birth.

Final Thoughts

Although men and women both cannot claim the Old nor the New State Pensions until they reach the qualifying age. However, individuals that reside in the United Kingdom region and have crossed the age of 65+ may be exceptionally eligible to claim a rightful and deserving State Pension they may reflect a financial relief, one in which maybe needful.


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